12 Malicious Malware Apps Found in Google Play Store


Since a long time malware-infected applications are being viewed a lot across Google Play. Google Play marketplace. There have been numerous instances in the past where user’s personal information was stolen. Smartphone users, specifically Android users, need to be aware of the kind of apps they download onto their devices. Most of these applications are harmful spyware or malware, whose installation can cause a lot of harm for the users. Let’s learn about this information in full.

According to a report from the past that researchers found, they have discovered 12 Android apps available on the Google Play Store that steal the bank account information of users like usernames, passwords, and other information. The most alarming part is that these apps were downloaded over 30000 times in the past four months.

This is the list of 12 Android apps that contain malicious malware

– PDF Document Scanner – Scan to PDF (com.xaviermuches.docscannerpro2)
– PDF Document Scanner Free (com.doscanner.mobile)
– CryptoTracker (cryptolistapp.app.com.cryptotracker)
– Gym and Fitness Trainer (com.gym.trainer.jeux)
Two-Factor Authenticator (com.flowdivison)
– Protection Guard (com.protectionguard.app)
– QR CreatorScanner (com.ready.qrscanner.mix)
– Master Scanner Live (com.multifuction.combine.qr)
– QR Scanner 2021 (com.qr.code.generate)
– QR Scanner (com.qr.barqr.scangen)

According to the ThreatFabric research According to ThreatFabric’s research Android apps mostly function the QR code scanner and occasionally, as cryptocurrency wallets. The apps were created for stealing bank account data as well as two-factor security codes.

The researchers noted that these apps were initially deemed to be legitimate apps, and there was no indication of suspicion or malware at any time. In reality, all of these apps were rated highly in Google Play Store. Google Play Store as well which makes them appear to be more legitimate apps. Certain of these apps were scanner apps, while some were crypto-tracking apps, while some were fitness or workout apps found to have been loaded with malicious malware.

After users have installed these applications after which they will be requested to install updates to their software from third-party sources to gain additional features. These updates will install an advanced Android trojan that is a banking Trojan called “Anatsa” on mobile devices.

According to reports, this Android Trojan comes with a feature that allows hackers access to the user’s mobile. With Remote Access the scammers can simply wipe the bank account and transfer all funds to their account. In addition to Anatsa These Android apps also had other malware like Alien, Hydra and Ermack according to the report.

ThreatFabric added the report said that the apps could be a major risk, however due to the new Google Play restrictions, this will not be the case. If you’ve also downloaded these apps, then you must remove these apps from your mobile device or else you could be a victim.


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