70 million new users installed Telegram due to WhatsApp down


In the past, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were completely down all over the world, due to which users were very upset and Facebook suffered in crores but in this instant messaging platform Telegram has benefited a lot. Although Telegram is not as big a platform as WhatsApp is. But the features that it has are probably not even with WhatsApp and now when WhatsApp is down, it has become a boon for the users.

70 million users connected on Telegram when WhatsApp goes down

According to a report in Reuters, the shutdown of WhatsApp on Monday has been of great benefit for rival Telegram. Telegram founder Pavel Durov said on Tuesday that Telegram added more than 70 million new users after the shutdown of WhatsApp.

Telegram’s growth rate increased as soon as WhatsApp was down

There has been a huge increase in the daily growth rate of Telegram as soon as WhatsApp is down. Adding more than 70 million users in a day is no joke. Clearly, those who wanted to message others saw Telegram as the next best option.

But this won’t happen frequently for Telegram. WhatsApp is back now. However, there are many such features on Telegram that WhatsApp has not yet given to the users.

According to Durov, so many people were trying to download Telegram in the US at the same time that they must have experienced slow speeds. WhatsApp being down was a big deal. Not only did this prevent people from talking with their loved ones, but it affected other sectors of the economy as well. Stocks and cryptocurrencies were also hit heavily during this period as WhatsApp is the main application used across the world, resulting in a huge problem for everyone.

Thus this down was really beneficial for WhatsApp’s rival Telegram platform because never before had so many people downloaded Telegram in a day.

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