Battlegrounds Mobile India Emulator?


Krafton Denies Release Of Battlegrounds Mobile India Emulator Over Cheating Concerns


Battlegrounds Mobile India managed to make a dominant comeback into the Indian gaming community. The main reason behind the comeback, after the Chinese version PUGB Mobile version was banned from the Indian servers. Krafton has been working on making it’s game a fair-to-play platform for all the users. Further securing the game without releasing an emulator version to make the game safer.

Krafton recently scrapped all the rumpus about BGMI being available to play on PC emulators. The information has been confirmed by the statement released on BGMI’s official website. The gamers have also been following this news for a long time. The gamers are eager to know why Krafton is not going to release an emulator version of their battle royale game. Here is all the information about the Battlegrounds Mobile India Emulator release.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Emulator release denied by Krafton

Krafton has made it clear that the company would take all the required steps to make their game a fair-to-play platform. Therefore, the makers will need to make their games totally hackproof. Krafton is willing to take these steps and thus, adding an emulator version for the game will open up some pathways for hackers to get into the game. Thus, the company has confirmed that a Battlegrounds Mobile India Emulator version is not going to be released in the game. The official statement from Krafton on their website says that ‘there is currently no plan in terms of supporting the emulator version. If there is any change upon the support of the emulator version, we will further inform you through another notice.’

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Other than this, the makers have also been focused on introducing new security systems for their game servers. The company, currently, conducting a thorough search and investigation for any promotion/use of illegal programs on websites including Youtube. Krafton would remove such content from the internet and also target any channels that promote the use of these illegal hacking programs.

Apart from this, Krafton also confirmed that they are going to discontinue the data transfer feature through the embedded browser after September 28. Currently, the game gives its players an option to download the data using the Facebook account log-in option. The feature is going to be taken down until October 5. After that, transferring data to BGMI from a Facebook account will be possible. 


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