By writing ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp, you will get a loan of up to Rs 10 lakh


Non-banking financial institution India Infolite (IIFL) has created a unique program for those looking to begin or develop the idea of a business. anyone is able to request a loan of up to 10 lakh via WhatsApp and the application can be submitted in just 10 minutes. It is the first time that a business in India has offered this type of service. What is the procedure to apply for loan via WhatsApp? How do I the IIFL loans? Find out the answer to these questions.

IIFL is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC). There are a variety of services offered by this group. The company is already providing home loan facilities and recently launched a brand new business loan scheme where anyone can take advantage of up to Rs 10 lakh via WhatsApp. Apply for loan and the application is approved in 10 minutes. The company says that only a minimum of documents are required in order to get the loan. IIFL will make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for this loan to verify the information of the person who is applying to borrow the money. To get the loan it is necessary to complete the KYC of the applicant is completed, and his bank account will be checked.

IIFL has revealed in an announcement that under the new scheme, applicants can apply for loans between Rs 10,000 and Rs 10 lakh. The loan will be repayable over a time of up to five months (60 days). We have mentioned that the loan can be approved within 10 minutes, but the amount of loan can be transferred into the banking account in 24 hours.

To obtain a loan you must send a Hello message via WhatsApp to 9019702184. Following this, you will receive an invitation by the business. You are able to make an application for the loan following the steps outlined in this article. Be prepared to be asked to provide the name of who is applying for the loan. You will also be asked if the business is his own or is a partner in a partnership How long has the business operating and how much turnover of the company and so on. Following this, the credit score of the applicant will be inspected as well.

After verifying all the information after confirming all the information, the loan amount will then be given to the person who is IIFL. In thiscase, details about the amount of loan, interest and monthly installments will be made available. When the user has chosen the amount, he’ll be required to provide his bank account details then the money will be transferred to the account. According to the firm, the annual interest of the loan will range between 16% and 30%. In addition, three percent of the amount (GST exclusive) will be charged as a processing charges for loans. There are other fees that you can check out this site for more information.


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