Firefox 94 for Android comes with a new, sleek and modern homepage as well as improvements to the tab switcher (APK Download)

Firefox 94

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Firefox 94 has just been made available into the stable channel following its normal weeks-long Beta phase. After the massive overhaul on May 21, 2021 (which was much more noticeable on desktops rather than smartphones), Mozilla is back in the game with a smaller user interface and design tweaks in this new version. The tab page/homepage allows you to easily get back into browsing sessions. Old tabs that have been ignored for a long time will be removed in default.

The new homepage is focused upon making it more convenient to get back into your web browsing experience, with Mozilla declaring it “we wanted to lift that heavy mental burden of remembering to finish those halfway read articles or vacation research until you are ready to jump back and finish those tasks.” In order to achieve this, Firefox has received an option that allows you to return to the last tab you opened from the homepage, which can be found alongside bookmarks you’ve saved recently and most recent web searches, organized by subject.

Mozilla has also introduced “clutter-free tabs.” Although people frequently leave a lot of tabs open to remind themselves to revisit certain websites or perform tasks in the near future The sheer number of sites that are available in the tab switcher could become overwhelming visually and make things more difficult and messy (trust me, I’ve been through this too). Firefox 94 combats that by automatically converting tabs that haven’t seen any use over the last 14 days to a new “inactive state” section, and removing them from the switcher tab. It is possible to turn off this feature by changing the settings if you’d prefer to keep your tabs open and accessible, but.

Desktop users will get additional benefits with this update. It’s now possible to personalize the user interface with 18 brand new themes to pick from and six seasonal colours that are only available for a limited period of time. On Mac users can benefit from Apple’s low power mode for fullscreen video similar to those found that are available via YouTube or Twitch that should allow users more screen time during long durations.

In the realm of security, Mozilla is rolling out Site Isolation to its browser on all operating systems. This protects against side-channel attacks, such as attacks like Spectre.

Firefox 94 is now available on the Play Store, but you may also find it on the APK Mirror in case you aren’t seeing the update as of now.

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