How to Fix OnePlus Nord Fingerprint problem

OnePlus Nord Fingerprint problem

Fix OnePlus Nord Fingerprint problem

The OnePlus Nord is a brand new budget phone from OnePlus in the mid-range segment, which comes with the same Android experience as the OnePlus 8 in price. The OnePlus Nord has features such as an AMOLED screen, fast charging, and a large battery. But OnePlus made some compromises in terms regarding the SoC and the build quality. The new OnePlus Nord comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor.

The Nord is compatible with 5G. This is a advantage. There aren’t any issue regarding it. The OnePlus Nord display is compatible with HDR10+, and gaming and app performance are excellent. It also produces stunning photographs and videos in daylight and in night . According to the OnePlus claims that they have used one solid display and a new under-display fingerprint sensor. But some users have recently started facing problem with the fingerprint sensor. In this article.

How to Fix OnePlus Nord Fingerprint issue

Here is some easy and working and methods that can help you to fix the fingerprint sensor problem on your Oneplus Nord.

It is recomended to first, try to restart your system.

Method 1. Clean your screen

If you are also facing problem with your display or your fingerprint sensor, then it is recomended to do is, clean your display propeley. This is very commom with most of under display fingerprints phone start problem like this due to wet or dirty screens.

Clean phone screen with microfiber cloth, and remove dirt from the screen. It will clean your screen and fix the fingerprint problem if there is no hardware of software issue.

Method 2. Remove the screen protector

Its is also very common with smartphone having problem like this due to bad qualirt of screen protceter. So always use a compatible and good-quality screen protector for your OnePlus Nord oe ant other phone To avoid this issue.

If you are facing problem with fingerprint sensor then, try to remove the protector and see if your fingerprint is working or not. Also, remove any dirt from the screen, restart phone and try again.

Method 3. Delete saved fingerprint and add again new

Delete your saved fingerprints and then add new fingerprints. May be this happen due to an issue with your biometric patterns, you can face problem like this. To solve this problem, delete all your old fingerprints and add new ones again afterrestart phone.

Steps to remove saved fingerprints:

  1.  Scroll down notifiction panel and click on Settings >  go to Security and lock screen > Fingerprint Unlock
  2. Type in the PIN, Password, or Pattern > click on the delete icon that you want to remove
  3. Confirm the action and then add a new fingerprint using the same steps.

While registring new fingerprints, make sure your screen is dust-free, and the screen protector is removed.

 Method 4. Remove cache

Cache data stores data used more frequently on your devices, like fingerprints, apps and logins. You can delete your old cache data to fix the issue.

Step 1: Power off your phone and then press and hold together the Power + Volume down until the OnePlus logo appears.

Step 2: Use vol keys to navigate and use the power button to select the option. Select wipe data and cache option to remove all the cache on your phone.

Step 3: Reboot your phone once done.

Method 5. Factory reset your device

Sometimes due to software issues, you will face fingerprint not working problrm. To fix this problem, you have to reset your phone. There is an option avilable on OnePlus Nord to factory reset your device.

Some times restoring your device to the previous update can help fix the issue, as the factory reset will erase all data on your device so it recomnded to take backup of phone data.

Follow the steps below to factory reset your device.

  1. Open Settings > System > Reset options
  2. Click on Erase all data (factory reset) > Erase all data
  3. Confirm and wait for some time.

After the phone has been successfully reset and restarted, see if the fingerprint sensor is working now or not. If it doesn’t, contact OnePlus support.

We hope our guide will help you to fix the problem of your phone.


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