Fix WiFi issues on OnePlus phones

How to Fix WiFi issues on OnePlus phones

Fix WiFi issues on OnePlus phones: Do your OnePlus phone is dropping WiFi connections and unable to access the internet while being connected to the WiFI network? You just need to know some easy steps and tips so you can easily fix your OnePlus 6T, 7, 7 Pro, and 7T or any Oneplus phone WiFi not working problem and enjoy the fast access to internet data.

How to Fix WiFi issues on OnePlus phones

To solve the WiFi problem completely, you must know its root cause. Here are the simple methods to fix the issue of WiFi connectivity.

Method1: Turn off and turn on the WiFi first.

Fix WiFi issues on OnePlus phones

Mostly this happens due to bad network signals, your WiFi faces the problem of no connectivity to the internet. First, you should turn off and again turn on your WiFi in your OnePlus smartphones. Now check, if the problem is fixed or not.

Method 2: Restart Your Mobile and Router

When your WiFi does fail to connect with your router or any Hotspot network then you should Restart your phone and router. follow blow mentioned simple steps.

>Turn off and on your mobile again.
>Delete the saved network history from your mobile and try to set a new connection.
>Restart your router and wait until it gets a stable connection.
>Discounts other devices once.
>Now Restart your mobile.

Method 3: In spite of a Connected WiFi No Internet Access

Sometimes your WiFi easily connects to your sourcing network but fails to access data or shows a poor connection error on the display of your OnePlus Mobile screen. To fix this WiFi disability check for the following settings.

>Restart your Modem.
>Reset your WiFi modem and delete all previous settings.
>Contact your WiFi service provider to check for the problems.

Fix WiFi Connection Range to Reach up to you

When you work by placing quite far from your WiFi connection, the problem of connection drop or slow connection occurs. To gain maximum speed and network stability, either shift your seat near to the router or move your router near to you. If it is not possible to change your router’s place then you should increase the range of your router. You can install router repeaters to enhance the available range of your WiFi connection. If the problem does not solve yet, try to change the direction and angles of your WiFi antenna in different locations.

method 4: Wipe Cache Files

To delete the malicious files and free enough memory space perform Wipe cache data. To delete cache files from your OnePlue 7, 7 Pro, and 7T perform the following.

>Press and hold the power key until your phone shuts down.
>Now press the Power button and Volume down button simultaneously until you enter the Recovery Mode.
>Locate at the Wipe cache option by moving the selection by using Volume Up Key. to select the option use the Power button.
>Tap on to the Yes and then select Reboot.

Method 5: Check and Install new updates

Fix WiFi issues on OnePlus phones

Sometimes the older Oxygen OS of your OnePlus does not match the requirements to establish an internet connection. Newer versions of OS come with more compatibility with the other devices. To upgrade the operating system of your mobile.

  1. Open to the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to system updates option.
  3. Touch Check for Update option. If there is any update to that version then update.

Method 6: Change Your WiFi Password

A disclosed WiFi password or open WiFi leads to many unauthorized users of your WiFi connection. The excess load on your connection slows down your internet availability and generates the error of slow data connection. Call your service provider and ask for the process to change the password of your WiFi connection.

method 7: Reset the Network Settings

Network Settings Reset operation takes its settings to the factory settings. All the networks and passwords go deleted. Before starting the Network setting restoration note down your WiFi password somewhere for further usage.

Open the Settings app.
Click on the Backup and Reset settings menu.
Click on the Reset Network Settings and restore your phone to its normal network settings.

Method 8: Turn On Airplane Mode and Off it Again

Fix WiFi issues on OnePlus phones

To get better signal strength, turn on the Airplane mode on your mobile and turn it off again. Now check for the signal strength and now try to connect to your WiFi network.

Method 9: No Connectivity Issue with Hotspot of Other Phones

If you are facing any issue in connecting your device to the Hotspot of another mobile, check if the data is On in another mobile or not. The mobile data must be On. Again check for the password you are submitting is correct or not? After setting up all things you can easily use the data from another mobile on your mobile.

If there are any hardware or software corruption issues in your phone take it to the OnePlus care center. you can also take help from your customer support


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