Honda announces many new electric cars, will be ready by next year!

Japanese manufacturer Honda has revealed plans to introduce 10 new electric vehicles in China in the coming five years. The company also revealed its three concept vehicles. Three of these vehicles will be introduced under the forthcoming and brand new series e:N. The three models include a two-door coupe and an all-door GT and an sporting utilitarian vehicle (SUV). Of the three ideas two concept cars will be available by 2022. Both will launch during the same time. The model names for the two cars will be e: NS1 and that is”NP1.

Virtual Conference Honda has announced the e:NS1 and e.NP1 models in India. The e:N series’ launch is currently only available in China and all cars that are part of this series will be made available to China in the coming months. Honda states that the e:N series cars will utilize a design specifically designed for electric vehicles.

As we’ve mentioned that the initial set of concepts from the e series are e.NS1 and the e:NP1. Both are inspired by the Honda HR-V, and their design is also similar to that of the HR-V’s. Both of models will begin in China by the end of March 2022. Although they are built on the HR-V however, they will differ from the hybrid HR-V that was released in various market under the brand name e.H.V.

The E E: NS1 as well as the E the NP1 models are both developed versions that are part of the E: Prototype SUV that Honda displayed during the Beijing Motor Show. Production models come with the option of five instead of just three doors. Honda has also presented three concept models, including which include the e.N. Coupe, e-N SUV and the e:N GT. They are scheduled to launch within the next five years. The models sport more aggressive and striking design, with electric only features, compared to the e:NP1 and e:NS1. But, Honda isn’t revealing the details or design of the two new production models or the entire trio of prototype models.


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