How do I Include Links to Instagram Stories

How do I Include Links to Instagram Stories

Instagram recently lifted the restriction that permitted only a select group of users to post hyperlinks to Stories. Instagram recently removed the restriction that allowed only select users to add links to Stories.

Instagram previously allowed users to insert swipe-up hyperlinks to Stories

  • Instagram recently replaced the old linking methods by using Link Stickers
  • The Link Stickers can be moved to any point of the story
  • Link Stickers function as the other stickers on Instagram

Instagram recently updated the capability to embed links into stories by introducing an updated Link Sticker option. Prior to this, the feature was accessible to selected users and links were displayed in the form of a swipe-up button located on the bottom. But, following the recent updates, users are able to add links to any portion of the story that appears on the screen. The swipe-up method for sharing stories via Instagram was available only to those who had 10,000 followers. But that limitation has been lifted and everyone on Instagram is able to post links to their Instagram stories with the help of Link Stickers.

How do I include links in Instagram Stories

The requirement for users to post hyperlinks has been lifted the feature is available to all users of Instagram. Instagram has announced the worldwide rollout of Link Stickers which means it could take a while before they are integrated into all accounts. Link Stickers can be placed wherever you want on Instagram Stories. Follow these steps to include links on the Instagram Stories.

  1. Go to the Instagram application and swipe left. The option of posting a story will be displayed. The user can share photos or videos in the form of the story.
  2. After the image is added then swipe upwards to open the tray. Once you have the photo in place, click Link. Linkoption will appear just below the GIF and right next to the widgets for polls.
  3. Select the Linkoption and copy the URL you wish to be able to add to the story.
  4. The link will then appear just like other stickers in Instagram Stories. Instagram Story. The Link Sticker can be moved around and put anywhere in the Story.
  5. Its Link Sticker is clickable and when clicked, it will take users to the URL which has been published.
  6. Users can post the story to their accounts by clicking Shareoption. shareoption.
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