How to fix Black Screen issue on OnePlus 6T 7, 7,7 Pro, and 7T


Repair OnePlus Screen Problems: Many OnePlus users are faced with the issue of a black screen, or screen not functioning and feel in a state of confusion as they know the issue in your OnePlus Smartphones. No regardless of how old and recent your OnePlus phone is the issue can occur with any of the OnePlus users. Therefore, it is more crucial to discover a suitable solution to resolve the issue of black screens when you have unlocked the OnePlus 6, 6T, 7 7, 7 Pro, and 7T to be able to flawlessly use the device.

What is Black Screen Problems in OnePlus Phones

It’s a situation in which the phone’s screen turns black when you unlock the phone. The phone appears to be operating properly. A majority of users report that they were engaged in an ongoing process using their phones then the screen went to black. And they got stuck with the screen black for an unspecified time. Some users attempted to unlock the phone through swipes on the screen Some tried to restart the phones using the power button but were unable to open the locked screen. They could also see the icons of apps.

The most interesting part is that some users can adjust the volume up and down, turn on the flashlights, and play music, and scroll the notification’s display upwards and downwards based on an idea that they have regarding the position of icons on the black screen. However, nothing appears on the display. If they hit and hold on to the power button in order to restart their phone, it generates a sound but the screen does not respond.

Black Screen after mobile unlock oneplus

A lot of people refer to this issue by various names, such as death of the screen or Frozen Screen Dead Screen and an unresponsive display. This is an extremely stressful situation, and everybody wants to bring their phone as responsive as they can.

Possible Reasons Behind a Screen Freeze

There is a myriad of causes that could lead to the OnePlus phone displaying a black blank screen. The reasons could be the presence of software or hardware problems. Sometimes when your smartphone is in an accident or has been exposed to moisture, and then this screen discolouration issue occurs. Sometimes, your OxygenOS requires updating.

How to Fix Black Screen Problem on OnePlus 6T, 7 and 7 Pro

Below is the list of ways to troubleshoot black screen issues for OnePlus that will help you can fix the problem and get your screen more responsive.

1. Fix by Force Reboot

Try force restarting to restore your screen functioning. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. On the wall of the side of your OnePlus Phone press and hold the Power button for 10 to 15 minutes until it begins to vibrate.
  2. After about two or three minutes, then hold the power button two seconds, then restart the phone.
Rebooting Screen on OnePlus phone

Following the steps above, your screen should perform as expected. If you don’t get any response or the issue persists, follow the next steps.

2. Make use of different accessories to charge your phone

Charging adapter for OnePlus

Problems with charging could also trigger the black screen. You can use different set cables and adapters to ensure quick chargers on phones from OnePlus. OnePlus phones.

3. Clear Cache Partition on OnePlus Phone

A cache full of data could slow down the speed of your android. processing speed on your Android, capture the running space of the app you have commanded and hinders the unlock screen application and can cause a delay in the proper functions of your screen to load. To remove the cache from your system, try the following steps.

OnePlus reboot to recovery for after unlocking black screen
  1. Switch off the phone with a press and hold button for five minutes. If you’re incapable of turning off your phone, then wait until the battery of your phone is depleted. It is mandatory to switch off your mobile to enable starting in recovery mode. Charge your phone for about 30 minutes prior to moving into the process of booting your phone in recovery mode.
  2. While pressing simultaneously the Power and Volume button simultaneously to the point that the device starts to vibrate then it appears that the recovery mode is displayed on the screen.
  3. Select the language of your choice.
  4. Utilize the volume keys in order to navigate to the necessary options.
  5. Click on the Wipe icon and choose Wipe cache It is true. It will start the process of recovering process.
  6. Following the completion of the task, restart to restart the system.
Wipe Data in OnePlus

This process can assist you in restoring your screen to normal.

Another alternative is the option of restoring your phone back to factory settings. Since restoring clears all your data, including images, downloads and chats, as well as usage history as well as all updates installed for an application. So, you must create a backup copy of your most important information as well as beautiful images on your drive prior to resetting your phone. So you can resolve the issue caused by any new update or installed application to block access to your screen is solved.

However, restoring your phone isn’t a solution that lasts forever and you cannot make use of it each time your phone gets stuck. It causes a massive loss of data and is a method of creating backups to your information.

You must periodically upgrade the OnePlus 6, 6T, 7, and 7 Pro OxygenOS to the latest versions. Additionally, you should avoid using your mobile phone when charging. If you’ve tried all possible methods to fix unlocking the black screen but haven’t succeeded get advice from your customer service and follow their directions. If you notice damage to your hardware or screen damage issues, make sure to seek out a professional technician. Do not try to be the expert yourself. This will make the situation a disaster.

If you follow the instructions above attentively, you will be able to resolve the issue that occurs after unlocking the phone the screen turns black. Enjoy a flawless experience with your incredible OnePlus phone.


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