How to Fix OnePlus Microphone and speaker is Not Working

How to Fix OnePlus Microphone

Fix OnePlus Headphone/Microphone not working: OnePlus is a premium killer smartphone that exploded onto the market for portable devices a few years ago. The company left an enduring mark on the hearts of young people and it isn’t expected to be going away anytime soon. Manufacturers from other companies are looking for the chance to take down the leader by making an unintentional error.

People have complained that the OnePlus new models are unable to create audio output and Microphone input using headphones. Many reports say there is a problem with the Audio and Microphone are not working with OnePlus 7 Pro, 6T Pro, Pro, 7 Pro as well as 7T during multi-player games such as PUBG-M.

One small error can flip things around against one small mistake and end up destroying the OnePlus manufacturer, however, we have some solutions that you could try to help stabilize the situation.

How to Fix OnePlus Microphone

How to Fix OnePlus Microphone/Headphone is Not Working

1. Microphone, Earpiece and Headphone Jack Not Working

It is time to tackle the issue at hand and address the major problem firsthand. It is impossible to communicate with their loved ones or business associates if the audio chipset doesn’t work. Recent software updates by the manufacturer caused problems with the entire system and led to the software being unable to use the advantage of the hardware to its fullest.

Android smartphones are equipped with the safe mode feature, which can load Android OS drivers only. Safe Mode is a feature that Safe Mode leaves other apps in the background while the counter-interrupt app doesn’t affect the performance of the device in any way. It is possible to use this opportunity to determine the cause or the zone that is the cause.


  • Go into OnePlus Android safe mode and check the functions for malfunction.
  • Visit the closest OnePlus service center to have an instant checkup.

The audio chipset issue is a problem that has been discovered in the most recent 5.0.7 update and 5.0.6 update.

2. Turn Off Voice Apps

The year 2019 has seen advancements in the field of voice commands and services. Android smartphone is directly compatible with voice applications like ” OK Google” and OnePlus’ own voice service. These audio applications run in the background, listening to conversations in a quiet manner like an owl in the night. The headphone’s microphone and the Dual internal microphones work all the time.

The most demanding games like PUBG-M utilize an algorithm for reducing noise gates. This requires maximal use of the main microphone as well as the Second microphone. The Google voice application running in the background is unable to divulge the primary reason for the function to an additional demanding application. Therefore, we are in an ongoing battle between voice commands games and multiplayer apps.

Solution Switch off the voice search and other actions.

3. Bluetooth Headset Microphone Not Working

Bluetooth headset manufacturers are offering the latest generation of wireless headphones with a high-quality microphone. Some users have complained that people who call do not hear voice signals through these wireless headsets. There is no one who has found an answer to this issue yet as Bluetooth 4.0+ does not come with these issues.


  1. Use the built-in audio recorder to quickly test microphone functions.
  2. The quality can be determined by observing the delay in audio and shutters. If you believe that the delay occurred, it is likely that the headphone wireless microphone isn’t sufficient to send and take in audio waves’ real-time.
  3. The audio is sharp and crystal clear. you might have found an internal issue.

The bug should be reported to the OnePlus community to ensure that official developers can examine the issue further.

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4. Echo & Unclear Voice

The millennial generation has a long time to comprehend the industry of hardware because no devices can be 100% dust-proof. There is always a chance that dust damage will occur despite the 100 per cent protection from dust. The dust particles can get through the vents and block the audio, which includes microphone wavelengths, too.

The small particles do not seem to be harmful to the device initially however they may grow in size as time passes by joining with other dust particles. Cleaning the vents every once in every so often is a good idea as it prevents the device from absorbing “inorganic” or “organic” dust.

Solution: Use an unbleached cotton bud and begin cleansing the sound input as well as output vents.

5. Reset your OnePlus phone

OnePlus removed their stock Android user interfaces from the root system, allowing users to use the Oxygen OS’s own customized interface. The industry experts know about the Oxygen OS bugs and glitches. I believe that the Oxygen OS for causing dramatic and minor glitches that go under the radar of members of the OnePlus team.

Solution: Hard Reset Android Device.

The Worst-Case scenario Don’t update the program as it could introduce bugs that are newer and unfamiliar into the arsenal.


With the desire of manufacturers to exert complete control of the interface and user experience, we must bear the results of custom ROMs such as Oxygen OS. All the blame falls directly to Official Android developers as the standard Android OS smoothen millions of users’ experience. Let us know which solutions worked for you in the comment box below.


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