How to Hard Reset OnePlus phone?

Reset OnePlus phone

Reset OnePlus phone: Hanging, Freezing of Smartphones is very common on Android Devices. If you’re someone who’s been operating your Android Device for quite a long time, then it is likely that you have encountered things like freezing, hanging or frequent reboots of the Android Device. The first thought that pops into your mind when faced with these kinds of situations is to reset your device. Actually, there are two kinds of resets available for Android devices. The Soft Reset and the Hard Reset OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro.

In any case, if you’re someone who is experiencing such problems with the OnePlus 7T or the 7T Pro This post is perfect for you. If you are looking to perform reset your device due to different reasons, then this article is designed perfectly for you. In this article, we will be focusing on details on how to reset your OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro.

How to Reset OnePlus

Before we go directly into How to reset the OnePlus 7t as well as the 7T Pro, let us examine what is actually this Reset? Reset and the Soft Reset.

What is Soft Reset?

Soft Reset works similarly to the Restart as well as a Reboot. It basically restarts the Android Device and releases all that was active in memory. It doesn’t erase any user information.

What is Hard Reset?

A Hard Reset is also referred to by the name of Factory Data Reset restores the settings and data of the Android Device with the factory defaults. After you’ve completed Hard Reset, there is no way to return. Hard Reset erases all data, user preferences, settings and settings. It will return it to factory defaults.

Now that you are aware of the distinction between the Soft Reset and Hard Reset. Let’s take a look at how to perform a Soft Reset with OnePlus 7T as well as 7T Pro.

How to Perform a Soft Reset on OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro

These are the steps you should follow to perform a Soft Reset on your OnePlus 7T or 7T Pro

  • To begin, you must first turn on your device on.
  • Simply hold and press on the Control + Power button until the device shuts off.
Reset OnePlus 7T Pro
  • Take a few seconds until the device is restarted.
  • It’s done! You’ve successfully completed an Soft Reset for the OnePlus 7T and the 7T Pro.

Do you still have the issue? If the answer is yes then you ought to think about conducting a hard reset of your OnePlus device.

How to Perform a Hard Reset on OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro

There are two methods you can apply to do a hard reset to the OnePlus 7T or the 7T Pro. Let’s take a look at the second method.

Hard Reset OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro via Settings

In this way, we perform a hard (or Master) Reset to your OnePlus 7T or the 7T Pro through Settings. Here are the steps you must follow for the OnePlus device:

  • To begin, you have to open first the settingsapp in the OnePlus 7T or the 7T Pro.
  • Then, go into the System menu > Reset Options > erase all information.
  • Click here to access the RESET option. Now, tap on the PHONE option.
  • Input your Pattern, PIN, or Password, and tap the The Next button.
  • Then, tap Erase ALLto verify the reset.
  • Your device will start cleaning all of the data.
backup and rest OnePlus 7t
  • Wait for the process to be completed. Be aware that this procedure could take some time.
  • After completion the process, your device will be able to restart itself at its own pace.
  • It’s done! You’ve successfully done an uni-directional reset on your OnePlus 7Tor 7T Pro by using the Settings App.

You can’t open your Settings App? But don’t fret because you can do the Hard Reset of your OnePlus device through Recovery, too.

Hard Reset OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro via Recovery

In this way, we perform a Hard (or Master) Reset to the OnePlus 7T or the 7T Pro through Recovery. These are the steps you should follow to perform a Hard or Master Reset on the OnePlus device:

  • The first step is to have to hold on the Volume Down and Power button in a row for a couple of minutes.
  • Release the buttons after you’ve seen that the OnePlus Logo flash on screen.
  • Enter the PIN, Password or Pattern of your device to begin Mode Recovery. Mode.
  • Then, tap onto to select the English option to select it.
  • This time, you can tap on to select the option to wipe data as well as the cache.option.
wipe data OnePlus 7t
  • Next screen click to the Reset button.
  • Then, you may get a pop-up message saying It’s impossible to undo Do you want to continue? – simply tap on Yes.
  • Allow the process to complete. Be aware that this process could take some time.
  • Once you’ve done that, simply press the the Reboot option to reboot your device.
  • It’s done! You’ve successfully completed an uni-directional reset on your OnePlus by using Recovery.

This is our opinion on Resetting the OnePlus. We hope this guide was helpful in setting up your OnePlus device. If you have any concerns or concerns, please you can leave your comments below.


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