How to Recover Files Deleted From Google Drive

Recover Files Deleted From Google Drive

Google Drive keeps deleted files in the trash file for 30 calendar days following the removal.

Google offers free 15GB cloud storage. After that, users will be required to pay

Google Drive stocks and organises your data in the cloud, allowing you to access it anytime. If a user deletes any document from Google Drive by mistake There are ways to retrieve that file from in the garbage folder. The file will remain there for 30 calendar days prior to being deleted automatically. If you delete the shared document from Google Drive, others are able to view it until you remove the file. After the file has been disposed of the trash, there’s no way to access it.

If you’re not aware, Google offers 15GB of storage free in the cloud. Users then have to purchase storage using Google One plans. The basic plan provides 100GB of cloud storage at a cost of Rs. 130 per month. There’s an additional Standard plan that provides 200GB of storage at the price of Rs. 220 per month. The Premium plan offers 2TB of cloud storage at the price of Rs. 650 per month. The Google One memberships support family sharing and.

How do you recover the deleted data from Google Drive

Users can retrieve files from Google Drive using an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or desktop browser. The steps for all three platforms are similar to each other. Like we said, deleted files are saved inside the junk folders for one month before being permanently deleted. If you decide to change your mind about deleting a file, you are able to restore it without difficulty from garbage within 30 days of having deleted it. It’s important to note that you’re only able to restore a deleted file if you own the files. If you’re not the owner of the data, then you’ll have contacted the owner to get them to restore the file. Follow the steps below to retrieve the deleted file from Google Drive.

  1. Open Google Drive, then open the Google Drive app on mobile Click on the trash icon..
  2. On a computer browser, go to
  3. You can sort your files by date of trashed to locate the most recent or oldest deleted files.
  4. Select the three dots icon beneath the file you wish to retrieve or right-click on to select the particular file that you want retrieve.
  5. Select Restore.
  6. Your data should be restored in the same location it was taken from.
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