How to stop Ad Tracking from apps and services on iPhone The steps to follow


You’ll need to have an upgrade iOS version to gain access to the native features and stop tracking ads for your iPhone.

Apple lets you limit ads trackers on the iPhone through its native features


  • You can limit the tracking of ads in apps by adjusting Privacy settings
  • Apple also displays a warning in new apps to prevent advertising tracking
  • iPhone customers can block cookies from Safari

Ad-trackers have helped businesses improve their understanding of your behaviour, which includes the possibility of buying new products and the way you connect to a particular application or service. After being monitored, advertisers can deliver personalized and targeted advertisements to draw users to purchase their services. Apple has attempted to combat the snooping practices of businesses all over the world by introducing a number of privacy-focused options. They can be used to stop applications and services from tracking to some degree — in your iPhone.

Over the past couple of weeks, Apple has been very active in restricting advertising monitoring on its iPhone. Apple’s Cupertino company has announced App Tracing Transparency (ATT) last year to move ahead in protecting the privacy of users and restricting companies from tracking your activities. The feature came into effect after the release of iOS 14.5 in the middle of April. The update added introduced “nutrition labels” to the app’s listings in the App Store to let users know the data that apps be able to access after installation. Additionally, Apple has enabled the Safari browser to restrict the use of cookies.

We will go over the steps you need to use to block ad tracking through apps and apps and iPhones.

How can you limit the tracking of ads on the iPhone

Before we get started with the steps, it’s important to know that when you use ads tracking, developers can help businesses track your behaviour and record details such as your user ID or device ID, your device’s advertising identifier, name email address, and more to help you identify your identity. Built-in features like this are accessible in the latest iOS version (iOS 14.5 as well as later) however, you might not be able to access them if your iPhone is older than the iOS version. It is also possible to go to the next page to examine the best way to restrict the tracking of ads by web-based services.

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking.
  2. Turn off the option to allow apps to request to track’. This will stop ad tracking for the latest apps you download for your iPhone.
  3. You can now limit the tracking of apps that you already use by scrolling down and switching off every app that tracks you.

As well as the previous steps, you can press the Ask app not to track at the prompt to stop apps from tracking your actions and information.

How to stop ad tracking by Safari to the iPhone

You can follow these steps to stop the tracking of different web-based services and websites you access using Safari for your iPhone.

  1. Open Settings > Safari.
  2. Scroll down and then turn off “Block All Cookies”.
  3. Turn on “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” in order to stop advertisers and other third-party tracking companies from following you from one website to the next.

While all these steps can be helpful in limiting ad-tracker monitoring on the iPhone as well, advertisers and businesses that require your personal information often discover new ways to follow you and maintain your profile to further their own profit motives. You can further avoid this by switching off background App Refresh on all applications you have installed by going to the Settings Settings > General and then switching off the ‘Background App Refresh.

Apple allows you to disable personalised ads through its app by selecting settings > privacy Settings > Privacy Apple Advertising and turning off the ‘Personalised Advertisements’ option.

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