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India is currently battling with the second wave of COVID-19. Day by day the cases of coronavirus infection are increasing. Most of the states of India, including the capital Delhi, are also seen to be struggling with the lack of oxygen. The condition of hospitals is dire. Availability of beds and ventilators is negligible. Governments are requesting people to stay at home. Those corona infected whose condition is not critical, they are being asked to be quarantined in their homes. We will also advise you to keep yourself as well as others safe by staying at home. The effect of Coronavirus is being maximum on the lungs of infected people. Due to Kovid, the amount of oxygen in the blood starts decreasing, due to which the victim has difficulty in breathing.

There are many such medical equipment available in the market, which you can buy and monitor your health at home. If someone around you is unwell or has early symptoms of Kovid-19, then you can check many health parameters even while at home. However, if the condition is severe, we would advise you to get the necessary medical support to the patient as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at some essential gadgets that are useful in COVID-19.


The earliest symptom of COVID-19 is fever. However, fever also occurs due to change of weather and cold or flu. It is wrong to think of just having fever as Kovid-19. If you or someone close to you feels a fever, you should have a device to measure it. By the way, there is a thermometer in every house and if you do not have it, then you must buy it. IR Thermometers have also become very popular since the arrival of Kovid-19. This device can tell the temperature of the body through infrared rays. You must have seen these devices in the hands of security personnel or investigating officers in malls or any public places. You can also buy this device through online as well as offline market.


By now you must have heard about this device, if not, then tell that Oximeter works to measure the amount of oxygen present in your blood. From the readings on this meter, you can find out whether the patient needs necessary medical support or external oxygen (through the cylinder). In this critical situation, it is very important to have an Oximeter with you. Especially when you have a coronavirus infected patient at home. Although hundreds of brands of oximeters are available in the market, but due to the delicate situation, either their prices have increased manifold or their stock is less, but still many other e-commerce or online including Amazon, Flipkart, 1MG, Pharmeasy Oximeters can be purchased through the pharmacy portal.


People who have high sugar level are called diabetic. Doctors and researchers say that patients suffering from diabetes are at higher risk than Kovid-19. If someone’s sugar level suddenly rises significantly and he also has some other covid symptoms, then he should get himself checked immediately. You can check your sugar level at home. For this, good glucometers of many brands are available in the market. With a glucometer, you can check your glucose level in a few seconds at home with a drop of blood.

Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor

Like a glucometer, there is also a blood pressure monitor, which measures your blood flow. Often, fluctuating blood pressure is seen due to fever or any kind of infection. Sometimes because of this you may feel nervous or feel heaviness in the chest. Doctors say that one of the many symptoms of Kovid is sudden low blood pressure. Blood pressure monitor has been made to measure this and take timely treatment. Through this you can measure your blood pressure at home in minutes.

Personal ECG Monitor

Yes, now you can do ECG at your home. For this, there are a variety of portable EGC machines, which you can pair with your smartphone and monitor your heart activity from time to time. It checks the pattern of your heartbeat and some other elements and tells you whether your heart is working properly or not. You can also buy this gadget from online as well as offline market.

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