No license is required to operate these 5 electric scooters, pollution is required


A license is not needed to use these five electric scooters. No pollution is not required, mileage of 65KM on a one charge

The market for electric two-wheelers in India is experiencing a dramatic transformation in the present. In the past few years electric scooters have come out in succession with electric scooters being offered by several popular brands. Many models are equipped with a powerful motors, and require a driving licence and registration to use they, however there are electric scooters available on the Indian market, too, that require you to operate in some manner. A driving license, registration, or insurance are not necessary.

The electric scooters are in the low-power category, meaning you cannot expect a high top speed or a wide range of performance from them however they make excellent two-wheelers for students or short trips. Electric scooters are equipped by an electrical motor with approximately 250W, and their top speed will not exceed 25 km/h.

We’ve selected the top 5 electric scooters from the top low power electric scooters that allow you to use without a permit or registration, or PUC, or insurance.

Hero Electric Flash E2

On this page, you’ll see several Hero Electric electric scooter. There are numerous electric scooters available in the portfolio of the company and some do not require a driver’s license, registration or licence. for operation. One of them are an Flash E2 (Hero Electric Flash E2) electric scooter. It’s a classic scooter. It comes with the hub-mounted 250W electric motor and comes with a 28AH Lithium-ion batteries. It can reach a maximum speed of 25 kmph , and is capable of traveling 65 km on one charge. It takes about 4-5 minutes for the pack of batteries to fully recharged.

Hero Electric Optima E5

As we said that you can find several Hero electric scooter on the list. Another electric model is Hero Electric Optima E5. It is powered by 250W hub-mounted DC electric motor. It is also equipped with an lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 28AH at 48V. battery pack.
The Optima E5 has a top speed of 25 kmph , and can travel 65 miles in a single charge. It weighs just 68 kilograms which makes it ideal for older people or teenaged.

Okinawa Lite

The third most popular low-power electric vehicle is Okinawa Lite, which comes with a sleek design to appeal to the younger generation. It has features such as all-LED headlamps, a digital instrument cluster and LED taillamps. In terms of specs it’s comparable as other electric vehicles. It is equipped with 250W BLDC electric motor, due to which it produces the speed to 25 km/h. In addition, the battery packs are fully charged in just 4-5 hours, and can be able to cover 60 kilometers on a single charge.

Ampere Reo Elite

Fourth electric vehicle on our list is Ampere Reo Elite, which is a more traditional-looking electric scooter. It comes with an apron-mounted headlamp that resembles the appearance of a Honda Dio. It also comes with advanced features like a digital instrument console along with a front apron pocket as well as a USB charger. Its Ampere Reo Elite offers a maximum speed of 25 kmph as do other EV scooters, and its battery packs can provide a range of 60 miles in just one charge.

Okinawa R30

The following electric scooter comes from company Okinawa company, and its model number is R30. The electric scooter is equipped with an 1.25 1 kWh lithium-ion that’s capable of providing 60 kilometers of range. It has the 250W electric motor, as well as the manufacturer claims it has the capacity to reach the speed of 30 km/h. The electric scooter is equipped with E-ABS as well as a the regenerative braking system. It has an electronic instrument cluster and 10 inches of tubeless tyres.


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