How to Fix OnePlus Watch major issues

How to Fix OnePlus Watch issues

OnePlus Watch is the company’s first smartwatch. The OnePlus watch comes with amazing features like a circular dial with an AMOLED display and SpO2 tracking. OnePlus Watch comes in two models: the Classic Edition and the limited Cobalt Edition. Both are IP68 certified. It 1.39 inches full AMOLED touchscreen display and 4 GB of storage. OnePlus watch comes with GPS support, speakers, and NFC too.

OnePlus watch has a refresh rate of 50 fps. OnePlus’s first smartwatch does not have an always-on display.

OnePlus Watch Common major issues and How to Fix it

The OnePlus Watch did not receive the required appreciations. The wearable received mixed reviews due to poor activity tracking, GPS dropouts, and other issues. OnePlus has tried to fix most of these issues in its latest software update.

Product manager Raymond Z thanked the community for its feedback. He mentioned that the company is working on a stable version that will fix all major issues.

The OnePlus Watch’s latest update has a changelog that shows improvements in GPS, fitness tracking, and notification. Many users have reported that most issues have been fixed, but many issues are still to solve.

OnePlus Watch Basic issues

There are some basic problems with this Watch. First, the screen is too small to read. In addition, there are some problems with the band that can rub the face of your Watch, causing it to fall out. Next, there are always those apps that open up but don’t do much. The app notifications on the Watch did open up, but then they would disappear without warning.

The next issue is that the Watch gets very hot even when it is on. The band fits extremely tight on the Watch, which makes it uncomfortable to wear. This Watch doesn’t stay on long as the straps get caught up in the watch mechanism. After a few minutes of wear, they start to loosen, which makes them fall out.

OnePlus Watch
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Connectivity issues

Some users are facing some serious connectivity issues. It was difficult to recommend the OnePlus Watch, but the company has released a new update to fix all minor and significant issues with the smartwatch.

After a recent update, the company has improved its connectivity and fixed all issues. Now your watch won’t disconnect from your phone

After a recent update, the company has improved its connectivity and fixed all issues. Now your watch won’t disconnect from your phone

GPS issues

GPS is one of the most important features of any smartwatch. Many OnePlus users are facing some GPS issues with the OnePlus smartwatch. GPS depends on many factors, including the environment and your internet.

Sometimes due to high obstacles, you will face issues with the map from the satellite. Some of the common areas where you may face issues with the map:

  1. Shopping mall and indoors
  2. Underground basement

Sometimes due to poor internet connection, you may face issues with the OnePlus smartwatch.


To solve the GPS issues, first, reboot your watch.

If you are still facing the same issue, try to install all pending updates. Also, update the map app on your watch.

Also, make sure that your internet is connected and working.

Sync Issues

Some users also facing sync issues in that their smartwatch is not syncing with their phones. It syncs after 24 hours instead of real-time syncing.


To fix all sync issues in the OnePlus watch, try to update the app and install pending system updates. Also, reboot your watch and phone once.

Activity tracking Issues

Some OnePlus watch users are facing issues with the activity tracking app. The app is unable to track the user’s physical activity in real-time. It is recommended to fix the issue.


To solve tracking issues with the health app, you have to reboot your watch and phone first. Make sure that the health app is updated and working fine on your phone.

Calls do not sync automatically

Many users are facing this synchronization issue with the OnePlus watch and phone. The issue is, it is not syncing with the phone when the user calls someone. So you are unable to check all recent calls on your watch or phone.


Try to install the latest firmware update. Also, reboot your phone and watch once.

Software issues

OnePlus Watch comes with its own OnePlus watch OS called Oxygen OS. Almost the same features and UI as Google wears, but some features are missing in this watch.

New Update improvement on OnePlus Watch

  1. Improved GPS
  2. Improved system stability
  3. Accuracy of activity tracking increased
  4. Optimized heart rate monitoring algorithm
  5. Optimized notification syncing algorithm
  6. Improved raise-to-wake function
  7. Fixed some known bugs
  8. Enabled notification app icons for the most frequently used apps


Hopefully, we help you out to fix your OnePlus smartwatch all issues. If you are still facing any other issue with your OnePlus smartwatch or any Oneplus device please feel free to comment below. We will definitely help you out.


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