Samsung will soon bring 200MP mobile camera sensor, features shared through video


Samsung appears to be ready to go one step further with its 108 megapixel camera sensor. Samsung recently announced the 200MP ISOCELL H1 sensor. Now, the company has released the specs of the latest camera sensor. A video was created by the company to explain in detail the technology in this sensor. The 200-megapixel sensor can shoot 8K videos at 2×2 pixels binning.

Samsung has released Video This information provides details about the new mobile camera sensor. The company also shared information about the technology behind the 200MP ISOCELL H1 sensor. The sensor will be part of the next premium phone. The ISOCELL HP1 sensor uses deep learning remote control algorithms to perform many functions. The new Samsung HP1 sensor is capable of collecting enough light to produce better low-light photography. These functions include Smart-ISO, Multisampling and Double Super PD.

Samsung’s Tell New sensor can do 2×2 pixels binning. The camera can record 8K video at a sufficiently small field of view, and this allows it to shoot video at up to 2×2 pixel binning. The HP1 sensor also allows for 4×4 binning, which results in images with 12.5MP resolution.

Recent leaks have suggested that Xiaomi will offer dual primary cameras on its next flagship smartphone. One of these will have a 200 megapixel resolution camera sensor. The 200MP ISOCELL H1 sensor could be the first to hit the market by Xiaomi. It is only speculation at the moment. The companies have not yet shared information about the launch of the upcoming smartphones and camera sensors.


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