SwiftKey now allows everyone to copy and paste data between Android and Windows


The ability to sync your clipboard is now available in stable

A lot of third-party clipboard sharing solutions could be dead because of a security update that was included in Android 10. However, this limitation does not apply to input applications such as keyboards. Now, one of the tops available on the market, Microsoft SwiftKey, has been granted support to share the clipboard of its users with Windows.

The feature was in development since the beginning of August the time that clipboard sharing was first added in the SwiftKey beta version. As reported by MS Poweruser, version is now available in the stable version as well. It’s compatible with Windows 10 (requiring at least the October 2018 update) as well as Windows 11, but you need to enable syncing of your clipboard manually, both on Windows as well as on your smartphone.

To do this, go to Settings > System> the Clipboardon Windows and then turn off”Sync across your devices” and then turn off the “Sync across your devices” switch. For Android, it is necessary to go to your SwiftKey settings and then look at an option called the “Rich input” option. Within the settings, you can select the “Sync clipboard history” toggle. Once everything is set, you’re now able to copy and paste those annoying One-time SMS passwords or authenticator ones from your smartphone to your PC, and many more.

Microsoft is showing a renewed desire to make its Android applications compatible with their Windows counterparts, given that Microsoft manufactures a total of 2 Android handsets that it owns. The company also has a contract with Samsung which is in close collaboration with Samsung. Korean company to connect Samsung smartphones and Windows PCs using Microsoft’s Microsoft Your Phone app that also includes sharing of clipboards. However, Google still has lots of work to complete regarding the Chromebook front, since it’s not possible to connect the Gboard’s clipboard. There’s a chance that we’ll soon see an improved integration it’s possible, with Chrome OS having a screen-mirroring option to Pixel phones is in development.

It is possible to upgrade up to SwiftKey version through the Play Store however, it’s also accessible via the APK Mirror If you’re not able to see it on Google’s platform at present. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Developer: SwiftKey Price: Free4.2 Download

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