Unagi electric kick scooter launches with mobile-connected and foldable

ungai electric kick scooter
A company named Unagi has launched a premium electric kick scooter, named ‘Model Eleven’. It is a smart e-scooter, which comes with Android and iOS connectivity. It also gets GPS tracking support for turn-by-turn navigation. With the help of a special app, the user can get many information related to the scooter. This electric scooter can reportedly run for 15 miles (about 24 kms) on a single charge. Its top speed is around 30 kilometers per hour.

electric kick scooter ungai

Unagi launches new flagship electric kick scooter model Eleven Announcement is of. This premium kick scooter crowdfunding platform Indegogo But listed at a starting price of $2,440 (approximately Rs 1,80,740). This is the price of the base model. Its premium variant has been priced at $2,860 (approximately Rs 2,11,852).

There is no doubt that this price is too high for an electric kick scooter. However, the company has equipped this scooter with a strong design and many great features.

The Unagi Model Eleven comes with an in-built Bluetooth speaker, so that you can listen to music or podcasts as well as listen to the system sound in it through the speaker. For example, the company has given a GPS navigation feature in partnership with Google, whose sound you can hear with the help of this speaker.

It is equipped with mobile connectivity and the user can access many features associated with the e-scooter on his Android or Apple device by installing a special app in the mobile phone.

The smart e-scooter also has an anti-theft feature. It has a motion sensor alarm, which sends a notification to the user through the app when an outsider tampers with the scooter. The user can also lock the scooter by turning it off through the app.

Its premium model also includes the ADAS sensor, which can tell the user the difference between a human, a stop sign, a stoplight, a car and many other objects. It can also alert the user of a possible collision through both the audio system and the touchscreen display. The scooter is foldable and comes with puncture-proof tyres.

The Verge की Report According to reports, this scooter is capable of catching a top speed of 19mph (30kph) and it gets five different riding modes. A maximum range of 15 miles (about 24 km) can be covered on a full charge of the battery pack present in it.

It has a dual-motor system, which is capable of generating 250W of power. There is a swappable battery system, which means that the user can carry an extra battery pack with him, so that he does not have to worry about running out of battery mid-way.

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