WhatsApp rolls out this new group calling feature, know in detail


WhatsApp has announced a group chat feature that is a new addition to the platform. WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned instant messaging service has revealed that it will expand its connectable calling feature for group chats. This latest feature of WhatsApp lets users easily connect to group conversations. Users do not have to join in the beginning. Participants can join the group chat whenever they feel it is appropriate.

It is important to note that in July of this calendar year WhatsApp launched the feature of joinable calls that allows personal chat. The joinable call feature for groups is now available globally and includes India.

In announcing the new feature for Group Chat, WhatsApp said in a statement that “We’re making it easy to effortlessly connect to members of your groups. You can join your groups any time easily, quickly, and directly from the chat screen at a single click. Join calls in progress by clicking.

WhatsApp further stated, “As group calling grows in popularity, integrating joinable calls gives WhatsApp users a seamless new way to connect with their family and friends groups.”

What is WhatsApp’s new group-calling feature implemented and how does it functions

WhatsApp’s new feature will allow users to join groups for voice or video calls even if they didn’t join it initially. This feature allows users to quit an event midway, and join at any time they wish. This feature functions in the same manner as other video calling platforms including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and more.

Prior to the launch of this feature, WhatsApp users were not able to join groups in the middle. However, users who were members of a group call could include more participants.

With the introduction of the new feature group calls made on WhatsApp will now display names of groups, instead of the names of participants. Furthermore, anyone who is not part of the same group is able to know which group is currently busy in the call immediately upon opening the messaging application. WhatsApp has also stated that these calls will have the ringtone of a different light.


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