Xiaomi mini washing machine will take less space than the printer

Xiaomi mini washing machine

Xiaomi mini washing machine will take less space than the printer, know the price and features

Xiaomi mini washing machine

Xiaomi has launched the Mijia Washing Machine Mini and as the name suggests, the new washing machine comes with a very portable design. Its size is very similar to that of a common home printer. It is the smallest washing machine ever launched by the brand, but it does not miss out on features. This mini washing machine from Xiaomi is a great option for the youth living alone or those who have small children in the house. It comes with 16 types of special washing or care modes. Apart from this, it also gets the feature of high temperature steaming up to 90 degree Celsius, which helps in removing stains from clothes.

Mijia Washing Machine Mini made in China launch has been done. The price of the product is 1,099 Chinese Yuan (approximately Rs 12,600). It will be available for purchase from 10 am on October 1 at many retail stores including Xiaomi Mall.

The biggest feature of the Mijia Washing Machine Mini is the high temperature boil-wash. Along with removing stains from clothes, it also works to sterilize them. Therefore it is ideal for washing clothes of newborns. It has four levels of temperature, 90 °C for steaming and sterilizing clothing, 60 °C for killing mites, 40 °C for deep stain removal and room temperature for cotton clothing. To prevent the color from fading.

The loading capacity of the machine is 1 kg. It has 16 special washing modes. Plus, it features 10 unique stain wash processes, making it easy to remove a variety of dark stains. Not only this, it also gets a mobile connectivity feature, in which it becomes easy to control this portable washing machine through the app.


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